Planning a Destination Wedding?


If you’re planning a wedding, you may have thought about having a destination wedding. The destination wedding was once only the choice for the jet setting elite. But with travel now easier than ever, planning and having your destination wedding is easier than ever before. And it’s easy to see why destination weddings are so popular….they are lots of fun! Here are 5 top reasons to choose a destination wedding.

A destination wedding is romantic. Couples who choose a destination wedding find that this type of wedding is very romantic. Whether you choose a wedding on the beach at sunset or a stunning, exotic location, there’s something so romantic about the destination wedding. There are dozens, if not hundreds of popular destination wedding locations to select from that couples love for that romantic destination wedding.

Guests love a destination wedding. In some ways it is only a practical choice – remember that many of your guests will have to travel to attend your wedding. What could be more fun than to travel to the Caribbean or to Rome to go to your wedding? This makes your wedding even more fun for your wedding guests.

The destination wedding is also your honeymoon location. This is another popular reason to choose the destination wedding. Many newlywed couples can tell you that traveling for the honeymoon after the hustle and bustle of getting married is rather hectic. But if you’ve traveled for your destination wedding, you’re already in the location for your honeymoon.

A destination wedding gives you a special vacation place to go to as a couple. Not only do you have a wedding anniversary, but in planning a destination wedding, you’ll always have fond memories of Paris or Hawaii as the location of your destination wedding. This gives you a fun place to take your vacations as a couple or a family in the coming years – especially an anniversary trip for your 10th or 25th wedding anniversary!

Destination weddings are a one of a kind experience. There’s nothing like planning a wedding, and there is simply nothing like planning the destination wedding. When you have a destination wedding it is more than taking a vacation, it is having your wedding ceremony in a location that is special to you. There are so many beautiful, stunning locations to hold your wedding, ideally suited for every couple. Whether you choose to get married in the foothills of the mountains, or near a waterfall or in the most metropolitan of cities surrounded by elegance and sophistication.

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