Five Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Are you looking for your dream honeymoon vacation? This is the right place to pick the destination for your honeymoon.

A honeymoon is the traditional and romantic holiday taken by couples of newlyweds. When arranging your marriage, you might be thought about where to spend your honeymoon? Choosing the ideal honeymoon destination is one of the most exiting decisions and you may be so busy for your wedding. Honeymoons are always romantic holidays that you will remember forever. When you talk about romantic places for honeymoon, few places can beat the other places and you assured of experiencing romance. Whichever honeymoon destination you choose, here are top destinations for your honeymoon.

The Maldives 

Honeymoons in Maldives will give you the best opportunity to make every second full of romantic with each other in total privacy. Private bungalows with clear sandy beach, blue lagoons on secluded private resorts renowned for their calm and excellent – is the perfect recipe for the most romantic honeymoon in Maldives.

St. Lucia 

St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful Islands in Caribbean, not only it has countless beaches with white sand. It also has    spectacular green mountains. There are more intimate resorts and inns, some still owned and operated by families. Most St. Lucia resorts are clustered around the island’s two main towns named as Castries, the capital. Both of the towns are located on the west coast which has restaurants, bars, shopping, and nightlife. As a result, a honeymoon in St. Lucia tends to be a very calm, more low-cost experience than it is on some of the other Caribbean islands.

South Africa 

The South African Honeymoon is perfect for the couple looking for their special place to start out the life together as a husband and wife. There are numerous reasons for choosing your Honeymoon in South Africa, including the fact that South Africa is a beautiful, multi-cultural country that has an plenty of unique destinations and venues to will suit all needs. The climate also ensures that there is something to offer every single month of the year. If you’re looking for romance and seclusion, book a bush camp honeymoon, beach holiday or visit the famous Cape Winelands.  However you want little bit unique then you could have holiday in a tree house or on a house boat.


Malaysia is one of the most pleasant and luxury honeymoon destinations in South Asia. Spend your Honeymoon with romantic at the beaches of Malaysia. Find numerous and brilliant beaches in Malaysia. Along with your spouse spend some intimate time in the beaches of Malaysia. The major beaches in Malaysia include the Pantai Batu Kerikil and Pantai Pasir Hitam. These beaches are perfect for the newlywed couples for honeymoon vacations.


Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates country.  Dubai is a truly exciting city with numerous attractions for honeymooners. It has the city Museum, the zoo, the Jumeraih Mosque, the Bastakiya District, the incredible luxurious and breathtaking Burj al-Arab Hotel. Obviously Dubai is also the best romantic place for honeymooners.



Planning a Destination Wedding?


If you’re planning a wedding, you may have thought about having a destination wedding. The destination wedding was once only the choice for the jet setting elite. But with travel now easier than ever, planning and having your destination wedding is easier than ever before. And it’s easy to see why destination weddings are so popular….they are lots of fun! Here are 5 top reasons to choose a destination wedding.

A destination wedding is romantic. Couples who choose a destination wedding find that this type of wedding is very romantic. Whether you choose a wedding on the beach at sunset or a stunning, exotic location, there’s something so romantic about the destination wedding. There are dozens, if not hundreds of popular destination wedding locations to select from that couples love for that romantic destination wedding.

Guests love a destination wedding. In some ways it is only a practical choice – remember that many of your guests will have to travel to attend your wedding. What could be more fun than to travel to the Caribbean or to Rome to go to your wedding? This makes your wedding even more fun for your wedding guests.

The destination wedding is also your honeymoon location. This is another popular reason to choose the destination wedding. Many newlywed couples can tell you that traveling for the honeymoon after the hustle and bustle of getting married is rather hectic. But if you’ve traveled for your destination wedding, you’re already in the location for your honeymoon.

A destination wedding gives you a special vacation place to go to as a couple. Not only do you have a wedding anniversary, but in planning a destination wedding, you’ll always have fond memories of Paris or Hawaii as the location of your destination wedding. This gives you a fun place to take your vacations as a couple or a family in the coming years – especially an anniversary trip for your 10th or 25th wedding anniversary!

Destination weddings are a one of a kind experience. There’s nothing like planning a wedding, and there is simply nothing like planning the destination wedding. When you have a destination wedding it is more than taking a vacation, it is having your wedding ceremony in a location that is special to you. There are so many beautiful, stunning locations to hold your wedding, ideally suited for every couple. Whether you choose to get married in the foothills of the mountains, or near a waterfall or in the most metropolitan of cities surrounded by elegance and sophistication.

Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings offer a sensible yet elegant solution to the expense and headache normally associated with a traditional wedding. Typically, a beach wedding is easier to plan, cheaper to pay for and a whole lot more fun – for everyone – including the guests! There are some ‘special issues’ though that must be considered when planning a beach wedding.

Choose your location wisely. Beaches are usually breezy. Try to pick a cove or area protected from direct winds for your ceremony. Be mindful of the tides.

Decide how many guests will be attending. Most beaches do not require a special permit for small informal weddings. Check with local authorities to be sure.
Find a wedding officiate local to the beach of your choice to perform your wedding ceremony. Often they specialize in beach weddings and can provide useful tips as well as very affordable package deals. Wedding packages are becoming very popular and are ideal for busy couples. Often they include everything you need from the bouquet to the photography to the filing of your marriage license.
Minimize your reception expenses by planning a sunset ceremony followed by a simple but elegant wine and cheese reception right on the beach.
Rent an outdoor canopy to protect your reception area from rain showers and uninvited seagulls. For a tropical flare, decorate the canopy with tulle and twinkling mini-lights and silk flowers. Use hurricane candles for lighting.
Remember your guest’s comfort and safety. Provide seating for the elderly as well as sunscreen and insect repellent just in case. If some of your guests have mobility impairments recognize that it’s nearly impossible to push a wheelchair in the sand, and it’s very hard for people who have difficulty walking to negotiate sand as well. Many beaches have walkways or platforms. Use these accordingly.
Thank your guests for sharing your day by presenting them with beach wedding favors such as personalized sand-dollars, seashell candles or Hawaiian Silk Leis.


  • Remember, depending on the time of year, the beach can be very hot, even in early evening. Choose your wedding dress accordingly.
  • A casual hair style works best for beach weddings. If the day is breezy, your hair will look beautifully natural and ‘tousled’ as opposed to looking ‘messed up’.
  • For a larger, more formal beach wedding with many guests, you may want to choose a nearby ocean front hotel or restaurant with an outdoor deck to cater the reception following your beach side ceremony.


Things to Remember:

  • Although there are many wedding companies that offer all-inclusive beach wedding packages, do not wait until last minute to try to book one! True, these packages eliminate much of the time and planning normally required of a wedding, but they are also very popular. If you cut it too close, you may be disappointed to find the day of your choice already booked. Give yourself no less than six months and more if possible to book your wedding package and give guests the ability to plan and book.
  • In addition to considering the heat, keep in mind that some areas are prone to hurricanes or just nasty storms at certain times of the year. Plan accordingly.

Make Life Easy: Get Married at an All Inclusive Resort

Luxury Suites

An all inclusive wedding is a wedding where everything is included. Your wedding site,the officiant,ceremony, flowers, cake, reception,travel, room, food, alcohol, entertainment,tips, taxes and transfers from the airport to the hotel. You also have the services of a wedding coordinator to make the wedding flawless.

You need only to make the decisions regarding the destination site, set the date, get a passport if traveling outside of the USA, apply for the marriage license, pack and travel. And they can help all your guests get there and arrange their accommodations. They’ll even steam or press your wedding dress when you arrive.

Most all inclusive wedding sites are in Mexico and the Caribbean.

The benefits are that everything is done for you. You don’t have the stress of planning a wedding. The next big plus: after the ceremony, you are on your honeymoon. No need to repack and travel, the honeymoon starts instantly.

Since everything is paid as a package, there are no additional expenses. You can dine at any of the restaurants on the property or other resorts that have exchange privileges. Or you can stay in your room and dine on room service. You can dance the night away, watch the nightly entertainment or relax in your room. You can lounge at the pool or at the beach. You can golf, take part in beach activities, games and barbecues, or do nothing at all but chill. All alcohol is included, some resorts will even supply cigarettes.

The all inclusive resorts are popular as destination wedding spots and also for honeymoons. Many couples return on their anniversary for a vacation. Your guests have so many activities to enjoy, they won’t bother you and most resorts will place you away from your guests so you get the privacy you want when you want. Your wedding party and guests will probably only stay for the weekend.